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Auber celebrates Chinese National Day & Mid-autumn festival

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Time flies, one year passed again. Chinese National Day will come soon. Auber teammates are so excited this time because this year the national day will meet with the Mid-autumn festival. With a long vacation (2017.10.-08), many people working far from hometown are able to go back and enjoy the festival with families. 

National day is a memorable day to all Chinese people. The country becomes independent from that day. 
Mid-autumn festival is ancient and means reunion for families. Different people from different cities in China will celebrate it with different activities. 
For example, people in Guangzhou will play fire dragon in the festival.
Auber festival
But one thing is common—most Chinese people will eat mooncake. Haha~ 
Here, Auber would wish our country peace and prosperous. And we will wish all customers and teammates have a happy life and family.