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D40mm Pearl Round Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturer with Dual-color Flip Top Cap
1. Sort: Round Skincare Tube
2. Diameter:tube-40mm;
3. Capacity: From 60ml to 180ml
4. Tube Length:Different tube length is available
5. Layer: Single layer,Double layers, 5 layers
6. Color:The inside and outside layer of cap can be customized in different colors
7. Material: Tube-LDPE/HDPE; Cap-PP
8. Decoration:Silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, Digital film plate[more]
D25mm Cosmetic Tubes Manufacturered by PE
1. Sort: Round Cosmetic Tube
2. Diameter:25mm
3. Tube Length: Different tube length is available
4. Layer: Single layer, Double layers, 5 layers
5. Material: Tube-PE Cap-PP
6. Capacity: From 15ml to 60ml
7. Decoration: Silk screen printing, Offset printing, Hot stamping.[more]
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