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Squeeze tube packaging is growing fast[ 07-28 21:00 ]
People said the squeeze tube packaging is speedy growing up because of below two reasons.
The characteristic of squeez tubes packaging[ 07-21 21:00 ]
Most of plastic squeeze tubes are made with round shape, but sometime, Customers like to make it oval /flat (especially for BB/ CC/ Liquid foundation).
An innovative new sustainability project about cosmetics packaging in beauty industry[ 07-21 21:00 ]
With the developments and changes of the era, now there's a lot of cosmetics agencies which will not only care about how to make good sale of products and how to seize people eyeball with the fashion cosmetics packaging.
Рыночный спрос на глобальную косметику растет[ 07-04 14:45 ]
Рынки косметической упаковки в основном распространяются в Северной Америке, Европе, Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе и других регионах.
Global cosmetics packaging market demand is growing[ 07-01 14:45 ]
The cosmetic packing markets are mainly distributed in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions
I fornitori di imballaggio cosmetico si concentrano sullo sviluppo del materiale Eco[ 06-27 14:22 ]
Ora che i materiali più comuni utilizzati dai Fornitori di imballaggio cosmetico sono plastica, vetro, carta, legno, metallo
Cosmetic Packaging Vendors concentrate on developing Eco Material[ 06-24 14:22 ]
Now that the most common materials used by Cosmetic Packaging Vendors are plastic, glass, paper, wood, metal.
Lippenpflege verpackungen und Vorteile[ 06-20 14:10 ]
Lippenpflege Verpackung werden vorwiegend in Lippenpflegerohre, Dosen, Flaschen und Gl?ser nach den Formen aufgeteilt.
Lip care packaging sorts and advantages[ 06-17 14:10 ]
Lip care packaging mainly be divided into lip care tubes, tins, bottles and jars according to the shapes.
Solución amplía específicamente la gama de envases de cuidado de los labios[ 06-13 13:53 ]
Los vendedores de envases de belleza están buscando soluciones para ampliar la gama de productos de envasado de cuidado de los labios.
Solution specifically widen the lip care packaging range[ 06-10 13:53 ]
Beauty packaging vendors are looking for solutions to widen the lip care packaging products range.
Innovations emballages pour soins des lèvres avec une demande croissante[ 06-06 12:07 ]
Avec la croissance des villes, les citoyens vivent avec des normes plus élevées et s'occupent davantage de leur apparence.
Innovation lip care packaging with growing demand[ 06-03 12:07 ]
Therefore, lip care packaging are earning more attention in beauty care packaging industry and brand owners due to the growing demand of lip care products.
Эко-дружественные приносят больше забот в косметической упаковке[ 05-30 15:45 ]
Потребители заботятся о экологически чистых условиях
Eco-friendly earns more concerns in cosmetic packaging[ 05-27 10:24 ]
Consumers’ concerns for eco-friendly will push the cosmetic packaging vendors focus on production of recyclable packaging.
Gala artistique d'emballage cosmétique[ 05-23 16:40 ]
Un gala annuel aura lieu récemment à Manhattan. Ce sera la 27ème année de cet événement.
Cosmetic packaging art gala[ 05-20 10:09 ]
An annual gala will be held recently in Manhattan. This will be the 27th year this event held
Concealer-Verpackungen in Nordamerika werden den globalen Markt führen[ 05-16 15:20 ]
Ein schnelles Wachstum der Concealer-Verpackung wird voraussichtlich in Lateinamerika in der Prognoseperion erscheinen
Concealer packaging in North America will guid the global market[ 05-13 09:42 ]
A speedy growth of concealer packaging is expected to appear in Latin America in the forecast period.
Le crescenti esigenze di concealer portano una nuova tendenza all'imballaggio di bellezza[ 05-09 16:09 ]
La domanda mutevole dei consumatori per i prodotti per la cura della bellezza porta a una nuova tendenza al mercato globale di imballaggio di bellezza.
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