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Tracking code on Pharmaceutical tube packaging (2)[ 05-21 13:37 ]
Nowadays, the inspection of security features on the Pharmaceutical tube packaging becomes easier and easier because of EyeTrace.
Tracking code on Pharmaceutical tube packaging (1)[ 05-14 17:51 ]
In order to prevent forged pharmaceutical products from entering in the market and make sure the medicine traceable, a new eyeTrace Track and Trace image processing system was developed and used for Pharmaceutical tube packaging.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (3)[ 05-07 11:03 ]
With consumer product testing, the claims on cosmetic packaging would not sound like a drug company claim, but instead, they would sound like the comments or experience from the consumers, which attract them for purchasing.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (2)[ 04-30 17:53 ]
Consumer testing of beauty/skincare product includes sending a product in blank packaging or in final cosmetic packaging to a defined group of consumer.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (1)[ 04-23 11:20 ]
Skincare products buyers want efficacy claims on the cosmetic package that are trustful. Indeed, the package and deliver the contents are appealing mostly to the end-user.
Airless packaging technology plays an important role in cosmetic tube industry[ 04-16 22:48 ]
It comes that airless tube packaging is being more popular in the suppliers, and surely will improve the product quality.
Airless cosmetic packaging is the need[ 04-02 14:37 ]
A large number of products—from skin bleaches to self-tanners to fine fragrances—can benefit from airless cosmetic packaging.
Korea, the new cosmetics giant?[ 03-26 16:03 ]
Nowadays, cushion products are also drawing the attention from all over the world after BB cream. In short, cushion product is something like the cosmetic tube with foam head.
Seasonality is becoming a key trend of the beauty market[ 03-12 14:11 ]
The change of seasons, it is not just the meaning that we post the new colors of color makeup or fragrance of skincare product seasonally. We could see the seasonal changes from the design of cosmetic tubes.
Improve the Plastic Tube Packaging Decoration[ 03-05 17:27 ]
As we know,plenty of ecorating technologies could be used for plastic tube packaging.In other words, tubes could show many different kinds of printing effect and appearence and finally help build up a brand.
Can the plastic packaging be recycled?[ 02-27 11:33 ]
There is a research about increasing the uses of recycled materials, including plastic packaging in USA.
Tube Packaging Global Research[ 02-20 15:10 ]
The Global Tube Packaging market is predicted to reach $9.2 billion by 2022. Tubes are expected to occupy more shares in the packaging industries. Flexible Packaging, High Quality Printing at lower Cost and Demand for Innovative Packaging are the key points for driving Tube Packaging Market growing.
Apportez la nature à vos enfants - Eco tube en plastique convivial pour les produits de soins de la peau des enfants[ 02-16 10:47 ]
Le tube en plastique Eco amical est disponible en PP ou PE, ce qui rend idéal pour les enfants Skincare produits tels que les lotions pour le corps, mousse nettoyante, pate médicinales ainsi que des produits nécessitant des propriétés de barrière tels que les aliments pour bébés, aliments pour animaux et de la nutrition clinique.
Differentiation of Cosmetic Tubes[ 02-13 14:37 ]
Once you invested in designing the Cosmetic Tubes of your own brand, for sure that you are aiming to design the packaging as a signal of your product. Here we would like to talk about the differentiation of Cosmetic Tubes.It would be a helpful delight your design.
Bring the nature to your kids——Eco friendly plastic tube for children skincare products[ 02-06 15:44 ]
The Eco friendly plastic tube is available in PP or PE, making it ideally suited for children skincare products such as body lotion , cleaning foam , Medicinal paste as well as products needing barrier properties such as baby food, pet food and clinical nutrition.
The forecast of Color Cosmetics Market[ 02-03 15:09 ]
Color cosmetics have been used wildly in nail products, lip products, eye make-up, facial make-up, and other. In 2014, its global market stood at USD 57.4 Billion and it is expected to reach USD 77.7 Billion in 2020 with a CAGR of 5.7%. Meanwhile, the cosmetic packaging will also grow accordingly.
Prospects for Cosmetic Packaging Market[ 01-28 09:50 ]
In terms of the advantages, cost-effectiveness, good performance, reliable protection, colour versatility, flexibility and easy transportation etc.,of materials plastics ,it is saw a strong growth in the next decade.
Hola, 2016! -Auber Hará mejor en la industria cosmética tubos[ 01-27 17:39 ]
La semana pasada, tuvimos una cena de fin de a?o y a?o nuevo celebración del 2016.
Kundenspezifische Trends in Richtung kosmetische Rohr Verpackung[ 12-08 11:37 ]
Lizenzverpackungslieferanten haben Einblick in die Verpackungstrends in der Branche aufgrund der Aktien kosmetische Rohr Verpackung beinhaltet Aufmerksamkeit auf Dekoration Detail.
Diversification de l'emballage des produits cosmétiques (3)[ 12-01 14:49 ]
La société propose également une sorte de pierre ponce au tube d'extrémité comme avec emballage du tube, il est con?u pour adapter au pied et le coude d'utilisation, et a lancé un emballage de tube avec une raclette en caoutchouc à la fin.
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