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Plastic Packaging for Cosmetics Is Having A Bright Future[ 08-08 16:15 ]
By Cindy With the development of rural cosmetics market, there is a promising market prospects for plastic tube packaging of skin care and hair care cosmetics. Especially for small-capacity plastic packaging for cosmetics(plastic packaging for cosmetics) wi...
Round cosmetic packaging tubes with screw on cap[ 08-08 16:04 ]
By Vincent Round cosmetic packaging tubes with screw on cap are very popular in different market, like cosmetic packaging, skin care packaging, food packaging, dental packaging, etc. Auber produces and supplies different specification of tubes for cosmetic
Lip Gloss Tube is Still Have a Bright Future in This Changeable Economic Environment[ 08-08 15:54 ]
By Vivi In the past 50 years, the European tube packaging market got a mature development,so lots of companies can still remained a relatively stable momentum even though some adversely affected of the financial crisis under the changeable economic environ...
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