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A shrunken beauty packaging sector[ 08-23 10:08 ]
The beauty packaging from within market remains strongest in Asia Pacific. But new legislation in Europe is paving the way for nutricosmetics to make an impact among western sceptics. Julia Wray reports   Beauty supplements, foods and beverages are no...
Skin care packaging suppliers should benefit from the skincare markets[ 08-23 10:03 ]
People's keen interest in skin care has provided a great chance to the skin care packaging suppliers. Skin care is one of the most important categories within beauty and personal care and has continued to show healthy development throughout the economic slo...
Packaging for cosmetics in skincare industry[ 08-22 11:40 ]
As the biggest region for cosmetic tubes sales all over the world with revenue of $122 billion in 2012,Asia Pacific is followed by Western Europe.Japan,along with China, South Korea, India, and Thailand is the top five countries in it. Leader Japan saw its be...
Cosmetic squeeze tubes used in the pharmaceutical industry[ 08-22 11:28 ]
Not only in cosmetic field,cosmtic squeeze tubes are also being used in the pharmaceutical industry.It insulates the ensitive cream-based formulas from the adverse effects of outside air. Many medicated creams, ointments, gels and pastes are easy to gain or...
7 tips for online success of packaging for cosmetic[ 08-21 08:51 ]
It has been a trend that the online market has been an important part of the packaging for cosmetic.So there is some tips offered on how to scratch the opportunity.
Cosmetic plastic tubes bring benefits to beauty and personal care products[ 08-21 08:44 ]
It can be seen clearly that the demand for cosmetic plastic tubes is increasing from the past sales figure.The cosmetic plastic tubes'popularity is bound to continue on basis of the developeing trend of cosmetic.
Pharmaceutical and ointment tube packaging market is huge[ 08-20 13:34 ]
The pharmaceutical packging market stably increased in the past. In accordance with the current economists' prediction,the ointment tube packaging market will see a growth at about 6% from 2013 to 2018,which will reach $60 billion in 2018! The pharmaceut...
Largest economies for laminated tube industry in 2020[ 08-20 11:53 ]
The rise in the middle class will celebrate the growth for laminated tube industry in the coming years.According to the research released by Euromonior, China, India and Russia will get in the world's five largest economies by 2020. China and Russia is taking the place of USA and Gremany respectively.
Using cosmetic packaging tube to speak to consumers from the shelf[ 08-19 17:19 ]
  Recently,Japan has seen a new cosmetic packaging tube called injection-molded tube launched.To be specific,it is a tube with in-mold labeling.   The tooth gel is co-designed by a dentist with more than 10years. The purpose of this design is to rem...
The difference of injection-mould tube from normal cosmetic packaging[ 08-19 17:09 ]
    As people think tube packaging is more fashionable and boxes are too common,companies tend to use a tube as cosmetic packaging instead of boxes to pack skincare and oral products.Meanwhile,the printed contents make it more effective to express t...
Beauty packaigng bites back for nutricosmetics[ 08-18 18:10 ]
The beauty packaging from within market remains strongest in Asia Pacific. But new legislation in Europe is paving the way for nutricosmetics to make an impact among western sceptics. Julia Wray reports
3 key trends of cosmetic packaging[ 08-18 17:45 ]
HCP,the global cosmetic packaging supplier,has proved the face of color cosmetics not to be boring by developing an innovative cosmetic range around spring,summer and winter trends.
Packaging for cosmetics in Men's skincare industry is more and more popular[ 08-12 14:45 ]
Easy to pick up at home and gym, quickly find their preferred brand in store are the most concrened thing that's mean focuse on packaging for cosmetics. Dr Benjamin Punchard, Senior Global Packaging Analyst, Mintel But with the growth of value added anti-aging and targeted eye care products, more innovative packaging is squeezing onto the shelf.
The Development of Body Lotion Tube in European Market[ 08-11 16:20 ]
By Vincent The largest and main application of tube packaging is European market, having about 43% of the market share. Cosmetics that using tube packaging mostly are hair dye, skin care and hair care products, and body lotion tube(body lotion tube) is the ...
Plastic Tube Makes A Figure in Packaging of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical[ 08-11 16:08 ]
By Vincent Plastic tube packaging(Plastic tube packaging) is convenient to use, economical and healthy, and it has become one of the major packaging type used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food, etc. Since the beginning of the 90s of last century, China...
The advantage of using plastic material for cosmetic packaging[ 08-11 15:55 ]
Nowadays, plastic is widely used in varies industries. It brings the world more products and faster development.The advantages of using plastic material for cosmetic packaging are as follows:
Introduction of Cosmetic Plastic Tube[ 08-11 15:41 ]
Cosmetic plastic tube(Cosmetic plastic tube )can be divided into mono-layer and multi-layer tube according to its material. Mono-layer plastic tube includes metal tube and plastic extrusion tube.
Some Main Application of Beauty Packaging[ 08-10 16:22 ]
By Arron Tube packaging selling in food market is accounting for about 9% of the market share throughout Europe tube packaging, the most commonly used is aluminum tubes, followed by composite tubes and plastic tubes. Food used tube packaging are mayonnaise,...
Laminate tube packaging has been wildly used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries[ 08-10 16:10 ]
In recent years, traditional metal or glass containers and jars in cosmetics industry are gradually replaced by Laminate tube packaging(Laminate tube packaging), the reason we found is plastic tube has the advantages as below: 1. Plastic tubes are...
Oval Cosmetic Tube with Flip Top Cap[ 08-10 16:00 ]
Oval cosmetic tube with flip top cap(Oval cosmetic tube with flip top cap) series is one of Auber Packaging’s popular products.The cap is oriented. The tube body can be in two different diameters asφ35mm and φ40mm with capacity from 25ml to 15...
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