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Theme Plastic Cosmetic Tube Packaging——Let Customers Fell in Love with Your Products at First Sight[ 09-03 17:19 ]
Things with good appearance could always catch the first attention from people.
Era "cara masculina" de Cuidado de la Piel Tubo Embalaje[ 08-30 16:53 ]
Hoy en día, muchos patrones de envases tubo de cuidado de la piel en el mercado son linda y elegante, que quieren conocerse búsqueda de cosas preciosas y hermosas "femeninos consumidores.
"Male Face" Era of Skincare Tube Packaging[ 08-27 16:53 ]
Nowadays, many patterns of skincare tube packaging in the market are cute and elegant, which want to meet female consumers’ pursuit of lovely and beautiful things.
Je mehr Naturkosmetik, desto mehr Anforderungen von kosmetischen Airless-Pumpenschlauch[ 08-26 16:13 ]
Vor kurzem sind die reinen Naturkosmetik mit kosmetischen Airless-Pumprohr stark von der ?ffentlichkeit begrü?t, weil der seiner natürlichsten Formel.
Elégant emballage est nécessaire pour les cosmétiques[ 08-24 16:08 ]
Les gens sont pas étranger à Hepburn, qui est synonyme d'élégance. Cependant, ce qui attire effectivement l'attention de public est sa robe élégante, plut?t que son apparence. De même, exquise emballage du tube cosmétique est essentiel pour les produits cosmétiques haut de gamme.
The more natural cosmetics, the more needs of cosmetic airless pump tube[ 08-20 16:13 ]
Recently, the pure natural cosmetics with cosmetic airless pump tube are highly welcomed by the public because of its most natural formula.
Kosmetische Rohre mit Octagonal Caps[ 08-17 15:13 ]
Nach unseren statistischen Daten, mehr als 40% der Metall Quetschtube (auch genannt als Aluminium-Kunststoff-Rohre laminiert) wurden mit einer Art von speziellen Kappe passen. Das ist Octagonal Cap.
Elegant Packaging is Necessary for Cosmetics[ 08-13 16:08 ]
People are no stranger to Hepburn, who is the synonym of elegance. However, what actually attracts audience’s attention is her elegant dress, rather than her appearance. Similarly, exquisite cosmetic tube packaging is essential for high-end cosmetics.
Faced with Fierce Market Competition, Which Strategies will Skincare Tube Packaging Companies take?[ 08-06 16:02 ]
The competition in skincare tube packaging industry is more and more fierce. Therefore, companies have taken appropriate strategies in order to take advantages in packaging world.
Development of pharmaceutical tube packaging industry[ 07-30 15:47 ]
Recently, there is a study about pharmaceutical tube packaging in the United States, which calculated the market size of the pharmaceutical tube packaging industry by analyzing its current situation and growth prospect from 2015 to 2019.
Airless Pump Tubes Keep Your Skin Care Products away from Pollution[ 07-23 15:09 ]
How to protect our skin care products from contamination? It is very simple as long as we select products in airless pump tube packaging.
Tube cosmétique avec Concave Cap Brevet[ 07-18 11:56 ]
Les bonnes nouvelles sont toujours la peine pour le partage, non? Il est passionnant que Auber a développé un nouveau produit breveté, le Tube cosmétique avec Concave Cap brevet.
Customers’ Taboos about Cosmetics Packaging[ 07-16 17:01 ]
In this industry, cosmetics packaging with high-quality and better design can help companies widen their customer groups and improve the brand popularity.
tubes-la brosse emballage unique pour les produits de maquillage[ 07-11 14:09 ]
Tube cosmétique d'Auber avec la tête de brosse est très populaire maintenant pour les soins de beauté et des produits de maquillage. Nous achetons les brosses du meilleur fournisseur de qualité en Chine.
What dose ‘Green’ mean to Cosmetic Plastic Tube Packaging?[ 07-09 11:05 ]
Green development is the theme of present era, and environmentally friendly products are highly popular around the world. Therefore, in cosmetics packaging industry, a great number of manufacturers choose cosmetic plastic tube packaging which can be recycled.
Brush tubes—the unique packaging for make-up products[ 07-07 14:12 ]
Auber’s cosmetic tube with brush head is very popular now for beauty care and make-up products. We purchase the brushes from the best quality supplier in China.
New Cosmetics Packaging Way——Plastic Foldable Boxes[ 07-02 10:53 ]
Do you want to run out of your cosmetics in their short shelf life? Do you want to protect your products from contamination? Yes, every consumer wants their own cosmetics to play the best effect. Therefore, the importance of cosmetics packaging cannot be ignored.
The Wrong Ideas about Crowdsourcing in Cosmetics Packaging Industry[ 06-25 14:16 ]
Recently, a new concept——Crowdsourcing has been proposed in cosmetics world, which has been a great benefit for the cosmetics packaging industry,because it made a great contribution to the industry by using new design and ideas.
Which Design of Lip Gloss Packaging could Bring You the Best Effect for Makeup?[ 06-18 14:00 ]
which design of lip gloss packaging could bring you the best effect when smearing lipgloss?
Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap[ 06-14 14:08 ]
Good news is always worth for sharing, isn’t it? It is exciting that Auber has developed a PATENTED new product, the Cosmetic Tube with Patent Concave Cap. This kind of tube could be made as any kind of round shape tube, for examples, mono-layer, 5-layer, ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube), PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube) tube, etc. And the most special place of it is the unique Concave Cap.
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