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Cosmetic Tube Packaging is NOT Just a Fashion Appearance in Beauty Industry[ 06-11 10:11 ]
Cosmetic Tube Packaging is NOT Just a Fashion Appearance in Beauty Industry
Auber(Cosmetic Tube Manufacturer)Dragon Boat Festival Intro[ 06-06 15:12 ]
A tradition Festival is coming in China, Dragon Boat Festival, it is called one of the most important festivals in China. Here Auber (cosmetic tube manufacturer) is happy to introduce it with our ancient cultures. And it will be the great pleasure if you had chance to join this activity.
A Council of Beauty Packaging held in France[ 06-04 16:51 ]
An active organizer organized a different Council regarding to how to produce ‘useful beauty packaging’ in fifty schools and/or universities.
Announcement: These two people are not staff of AUBER[ 05-31 17:11 ]
Recently, we found there are two people as those on the picture, 毛海波 and 吴创鑫,created their own profile in Linkedin under the company name of Auber Packaging Co., Ltd. However we, Auber Packaging Co., Ltd. here to certify that we don't know them and don't have the position of 融资经理 at all.
Special Cosmetic Packaging —— Dual Chamber Packaging[ 05-28 12:07 ]
Today, we want to introduce a new cosmetic packaging —— dual-chamber packaging.
Tracking code on Pharmaceutical tube packaging (2)[ 05-21 13:37 ]
Nowadays, the inspection of security features on the Pharmaceutical tube packaging becomes easier and easier because of EyeTrace.
Tracking code on Pharmaceutical tube packaging (1)[ 05-14 17:51 ]
In order to prevent forged pharmaceutical products from entering in the market and make sure the medicine traceable, a new eyeTrace Track and Trace image processing system was developed and used for Pharmaceutical tube packaging.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (3)[ 05-07 11:03 ]
With consumer product testing, the claims on cosmetic packaging would not sound like a drug company claim, but instead, they would sound like the comments or experience from the consumers, which attract them for purchasing.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (2)[ 04-30 17:53 ]
Consumer testing of beauty/skincare product includes sending a product in blank packaging or in final cosmetic packaging to a defined group of consumer.
Claims matter the perfect design of cosmetic package (1)[ 04-23 11:20 ]
Skincare products buyers want efficacy claims on the cosmetic package that are trustful. Indeed, the package and deliver the contents are appealing mostly to the end-user.
Airless packaging technology plays an important role in cosmetic tube industry[ 04-16 22:48 ]
It comes that airless tube packaging is being more popular in the suppliers, and surely will improve the product quality.
The success of makeup field[ 04-09 16:35 ]
Small size products allow to target different buyers, which are less loyal to brands and are looking for new products
Airless cosmetic packaging is the need[ 04-02 14:37 ]
A large number of products—from skin bleaches to self-tanners to fine fragrances—can benefit from airless cosmetic packaging.
Korea, the new cosmetics giant?[ 03-26 16:03 ]
Nowadays, cushion products are also drawing the attention from all over the world after BB cream. In short, cushion product is something like the cosmetic tube with foam head.
Auber is Certified by ISO9001 in Cosmetic Tube Packaging Industry[ 03-19 13:56 ]
Auber is Certified by ISO9001 in Cosmetic Tube Packaging Industry
Seasonality is becoming a key trend of the beauty market[ 03-12 14:11 ]
The change of seasons, it is not just the meaning that we post the new colors of color makeup or fragrance of skincare product seasonally. We could see the seasonal changes from the design of cosmetic tubes.
Improve the Plastic Tube Packaging Decoration[ 03-05 17:27 ]
As we know,plenty of ecorating technologies could be used for plastic tube packaging.In other words, tubes could show many different kinds of printing effect and appearence and finally help build up a brand.
Can the plastic packaging be recycled?[ 02-27 11:33 ]
There is a research about increasing the uses of recycled materials, including plastic packaging in USA.
Happy Lantern Festival! Auber (professional manufacturer of cosmetic tubes) has had an impressive party.[ 02-25 15:09 ]
Happy Lantern Festival!
Tube Packaging Global Research[ 02-20 15:10 ]
The Global Tube Packaging market is predicted to reach $9.2 billion by 2022. Tubes are expected to occupy more shares in the packaging industries. Flexible Packaging, High Quality Printing at lower Cost and Demand for Innovative Packaging are the key points for driving Tube Packaging Market growing.
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